Institute for Geodesy and Cartography: Completing many important scientific topics, empowering the industry
On the morning of August 28, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Nguyen Thai Lai met with the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography (MONRE) on the situation of scientific research, organizational structure, arrangement and development plan. Human resources serving the needs of scientific research are increasingly demanding a lot of innovation in the industry. The Director of the Institute of Geodesy and Mapping, Ha Minh Hoa together with departments, functional departments under the Ministry and Institute.


                              Panoramic meeting


According to Dr. Ha Minh Hoa, Director of the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, thanks to always associate scientific research with the implementation of those results into reality, over the years, Institute has completed many Important scientific projects and projects, contributing importantly to the social life and security and defense, such as the project on "building and completing the state gravity system" with the construction of 11 key points Base force and 29 points in the class I force cover the whole country, building a detailed gravity database in the midland of Vietnam with more than 67000 points of gravity in detail. Completion of this project has made Vietnam a modern gravity country in the world and in an area that until now only countries with advanced science have achieved.
Along with that, the project "Surveying, measuring and creating maps for the development of a database on management, conservation and sustainable development of Dong Thap Muoi wetlands", this is the first time Vietnam has a complete set of land maps for wetland management. When deploying the project, scientific and technical staff of the Institute in coordination with the Vietnam Environment Administration have invested in the construction of classification criteria and classification of submerged land. From here, content has been established for 24 categories of thematic maps, making important contributions to the State management of submerged areas. Also through the implementation of the projects, the Institute has conditions to develop young human resources and technical development of national standards, regulations, technical regulations and techno-economic norms in Field of surveying, mapping and cadastral.
Speaking at the meeting, Vice Minister Nguyen Thai Lai highly appreciated the results of scientific research that the Institute has achieved in recent years. However, he also said that basic scientific research is a very difficult subject. Therefore, for good fundamental research, contributing to the resolution of deep scientific issues, continuing to improve the position of the sector as well as training and retraining of young scientists, the Institute should study Propose mechanisms to separate the centers and non-business units from basic scientific research; It is necessary to make a clear distinction to create momentum for the institute's centers as well as for the training of the younger generation of scientists. In the context of budget constraints paid to specialized scientific research institutes, the institute leaders also need to prepare a living improvement plan so that they can concentrate on scientific research. "Even if we know that it is very difficult to do, but if we do not start to innovate now, our basic scientific research can not develop; Managers, from the leadership, "Vice Minister Nguyen Thai Lai said.