Binh Duong: December / 2014 completed construction of geographic information database 7 communes of Bau Bang district

In Binh Duong, the establishment of geographic information database (GIS) is in line with the general roadmap of the whole country in order to build high-level geographic databases covering the whole country. Socio-economic development of the country.

Officer of land use right registration office

From the beginning of 2014, the Office of Land Use Right Registration, Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Binh Duong has implemented the project "Establishment of geographic information database at 1: 2000 scale in area 7 Commune of Bau Bang district ".

Work items include setting up a grid to control the plane, set up a high-altitude grid, measure and create topographic maps of a scale of 1: 2000, height about 1.0m, standardize geographic information base 1: 2000 scale, 1: 2000 digitized map editor, DTM, 1: 2000 geographic information base mapping, acceptance testing and submission. product.
Up to now, the external measurement department has completed the task of controlling the plane, setting up a high-level control grid, detailed drawing of geographic features (terrain and terrain) and investigation of object information. Geographically by the method of seven communes, on schedule. Supervision consultants and investors have carried out inspection and satisfactory results. Besides, the internal department is also standardizing geographic information data in Hung Hoa and Tan Hung communes. It is expected to December 2014 will deliver the product.